I want to share about books that I read recently. Recently my malaysian friend lent me some financial related books. I don’t know why, at that time we’re just talking about future and then all of a sudden he lent me book.

The first book is Kiyosaki’s Retire Young Retire Rich. I’ve heard about Kiyosaki back in Indonesia since almost every MLM-er talked about Kiyosaki everytime. It’s not that I’ve been to MLM, infact I hate things like MLM, while it might be good for some people but definitely it’s not things that I want to do in my life…. at least not yet. So anyway this is my first experience reading Kiyosaki’s work. I will point the book as RYRR (Retire Young Retire Rich).

After reading the whole book, I found some interesting point. in 2007 I watched a self-help movie called The Secret. I haven’t read the book though. But the similarity astounding me. Like 30% of the RYRR’s contents is already 100% of the content of that movie. So by reading RYRR, not only you got what you get from The Secret but even more it told you about financial moves. RYRR is basically financial related book with a lot of reference to self-help method while The Secret is more a general self-help series for general aspect of  human life.

The second book is called The Millionaire Next Door. I will call it TMND. Now the interesting part is in this book, the content and way of thinking is the opposite of the RYRR. although I haven’t finished this book but I want to sum up my opinion up till now.

things I found positive for me :

  • never think negatively, don’t use even negative meaning words. for example never say “I can’t afford it”. instead always use positive way of thinking to get a positive energy toward you. (RYRR and The Secret told exactly the same thing regarding to this one)
  • live below your means and be frugal. that way you can build wealth and have higher surviving chance when the crisis come. (this is from TMND and this is exactly what I’ve been doing all this time in Japan)

Things I found not that good for me

  • become big consumer (from RYRR). although it’s not stated directly but Kiyosaki’s encourage everyone not to be frugal, instead to be a big spender and behave more than your consumerism level so it will boost your brain and mind on how to make more money to deal with your consumerism habbit. (this is exactly what the second book tried you to avoid)

Reading 2 books with quite opposite content of way of thinking is quite interesting. you can get what’s good for you and leave what’s bad for you. just like when I meet with somebody new in Japan (mostly non-japanese) , I can see a new point of view from each person from different country and try to get what’s good for me from it.

Again this is just my personal point of view and interpretation regarding the way of thinking and book I read.