Golden Week is one of the famous holiday period in Japan. This year at 2009 most people will at least have 5 days off  ( 2 – 6 May). It may vary depending to the company, some people get more bcoz I heard if you work at NISSAN it gave you 2 weeks off and some other company just don’t have holidays.

so here’s how I spent mine

Saturday, 2nd May

  • spotted and entered small local hobby shop in my area.
  • went to the gym, have a nice cardio workout. it’s been a while like almost 2 months I think since my last cardio.
  • started to build my sazabi (the big bad ass Gundam Plastic Model that I got last year)

Sunday , 3rd May

  • continuing my sazabi.
  • visit the house of indonesian friend. its our second encounter.
  • visit the house of chinese friend.

Monday, 4th May

  • continuing my sazabi (about 90% finished).
  • visit the house of japanese friend.

Tuesday, 5th May

  • finishing my sazabi.
  • went to indonesian music concert. there are 9 opening band and the main band is Indonesian band called GIGI
  • meet with japanese friend and 1 indonesian guy that I never met in person before.

Wednesday, 6th May

  • entering resting period before back to routine for job on thursday.