Today is 1st June, and my last entry is dated 6th May. Not only I don’t have enough spare time to update my blog, I don’t even have enough time to play the game I want.

so here is some breakdown of my schedule in May 2009 (after 6th May)

  • band practice for some show at friend’s wedding ceremony (2 events in a row this month)
  • joining some activity club to make shimenawa (a good luck charm that was supposed to be made and hang on to the door to receive good luck, wonder why they held this on May)
  • joining some japanese event in which we pull some ancient type japanese wagon with rope.
  • job related full day meeting which includes yearly medical check-up, some test/examination for manager to know your skill.
  • met with some new friends including indonesian and brazilian
  • joining some BBQ event
  • visiting my chinese friend that will move out from okazaki to tokyo. so I helped a bit for his moving preparation (went 3 times )
  • went out to play some bowling with friends and found out my skill is not improving at all with avg score of 70 LoL.
  • went to celebrate my brazilian friend’s B’day
  • meeting with my former japanese teacher back while I was in indonesia.
  • applying for some credit card in 2 of japanese biggest bank. actually i was turned down by 1 of them last year.
  • watching evangelion in friend’s big cinema home theater. I said it, he got a private home theatre with super big screen inside his room.
  • and of course performing live with band at 2 events of friend’s wedding ceremony.

well I hope now I can have time to play the game I want and practice the music I want to play in June ^_^.