This blog started as several times per week update, and then became weekly updated, and then recently became monthly updated blog. Not a good sign but yeah I’ve become lazy to update the blog.

well let’s see what are my activities in june :

  • went to monthly english speech event (the speaker was french). the interesting thing is when I went there, right when I was still in the middle of the road. I saw a young japanese girl with bleeding head. later that day I knew that she was attacked by someone that day. well…. shit happens even in japan I guess.
  • went to visit indonesian friends’ place in nagoya
  • have lunch in brazilian friend’s house
  • make contact with some people in company that have business trip to indonesia
  • dinner in indian restaurant with malaysian friend
  • watch terminator 4 at cinema
  • went to picnic at higashi park at okazaki, end it with dinner at izakaya with several people I just knew
  • dinner at cannary row (japanese friend’s birthday)
  • helping my malaysian friend to buy guitar
  • watching transformer 2 at cinema
  • went to a trip in futagawa honjin and took pictures of me wearing feudal lord kimono
  • have some BBQ in mountain side
  • went to bowling with colleagues at company
  • have a chance to play 34 years old guitars worth 380.000 yen and 60.000 yen for 3 hours
  • watching evangelion 2.0 at cinema