2009 July 4th (saturday) and 5th (sunday)

At first I don’t have any plan at all, but at 3rd suddenly one of my brazilian friend invited me to his birthday party at his place on sunday.

Saturday :

Went to library. But the person that I searched for is not available. I was registered to teach a short course of Indonesian Language at october (only 3 times). There is some paper work still need to be finished but unfortunately the person that deal with my paper wasn’t available.

After that I went to music shop. I have interest to buy electric guitar. I don’t know when I will buy it or how much money I want to spend yet. At the music shop I get my chance to test out a 67.000 yen Ibanez.

The day was hot so I went back to my place for a rest. After that I went to my mentor (Mrs Naruse). I promised her before to give her Indonesian  peanut sauce. When I went there her husband wasn’t at home. usually I had dinner with 3 of them (the couple and the son). This time there is only 2 of them.

After chit-chat I went home and went to nearest convenience store to buy myself an advanced ticket for 30th anniversary of gundam show that will be hold in nagoya at the end of the month.

Sunday :

I slept at 3 AM and woke up at 9 Am. After breakfast and cleaning up. I went to buy some gift for my birthday friend and went to his place.

Today I have quite a lof of fun. I met a lot of interesting people (most of them are brazilian, some of them are from Peru). Although I don’t speak spanish and portueguese but I enjoyed my time there.

I also met someone that have interest in music like me and tested out his electric guitar. after having a big long meal at his place we went to see the music shop and went to game center. I quite enjoyed myself today. I met people that share common interest with such as game and music.

special note :

Keiji if you read this, 先に帰ってごめん。明日仕事があるから。また誘ってね。今日楽しかった。