12th July 2009

There was 3 main activities on this date

●Visiting Hatchou Miso no Kura. This was my second visit, my first visit was almost 2 years ago when I first move to okazaki city. This is a place where the famous miso (japanese kind of soup) is made. The tour explained about the history and how the miso is related to japanese emperor etc but I wasn’t there for the lecture, I was there  mainly to eat the miso icecream ^_^

●Second event is a small tanabata matsuri event at local library. it’s very small scale event. And quite short too, but I do enjoy my time there. Basically we just did some mini game, listening to story about tanabata and listening to some japanese playing koto (ancient japanese stringed instrument)

●Third one is the closing event. It was a dinner held by American friend. He invited 3 people including me so the total is 4 people to eat at nearest Yakiniku restaurant. The last time I went to yakiniku restaurant is probably 1.5 years ago. So I did enjoy the meat party 😛