Yesterday (18th July 2009) I actually bought my self a new gigs. I’ve been searching (by foot and by internet) for a new guitar for about 3 weeks and finally I decided which one to buy.

For the total spending of 51.345 yen

I got myself :

– guitar : B.C rich asm (assasin model) standard
– zoom multi effect g2.1u
– vox mini amp
-A/C adapter for the multi effect
-2 cables (3 meter)
-B.C. Rich original guitar strap
-Ernie ball strings super slinky

which is a very nice bargain. because the guitar itself if you buy it in retail store in japan, it will costs around 46.000 yen. Luckily for me I found a good music store that sold it for around 31.000 yen so I can spend the budget to buy the rest of the gigs.

my budget is 60.000 yen and I’m quite happy with my purchasing. Yeah finally I could rock hard now ^_^.