26th July

After spending 2 years living in okazaki, I never visit inside Okazaki castle which is a symbol of the town itself. why? because I’ve been to nagoya castle which is larger than the okazaki castle, so I never think that visiting okazaki castle would be worth it.

But this time, some organization designed for supporting the foreigner live in okazaki here was having an event there, quite big one because they got tv crew there (I got on the Japanese tv again :P). And the good part is that they are free too, so I grab this chance to went there.

I’m not a type of history people so I don’t know what to say about history but I do like to see some ancient armour, sword, etc.

Okay, after the visit. I supposed to go to some japanese’s house to have some dinner. I never went there and I’ve been told to go by bus. so…. I took the bus but after a while I realized I was in the wrong bus.

it’s 17.30 when I get off the bus. but the thing is there will be no return bus not until the next day. so I need to take the path down the hill (it’s in the mountain area). So I went by foot, while trying to call my friend there and of course I get scolded because my mistake :P. nevertheless 1.5 hours by foot later I finally arrived at the house.

you know this is why I hate the bus in japan. if I went by train, most of it has some route map inside so if I get on the wrong train I could notice easily. but not with the bus. you can’t check if you’re on the right bus or not once you’re inside. There is no route map there. Well but anyway it was a new experience anyway and I got through it 🙂