2nd october 2009

Right after work, I got presentation in town’s library. Well the city’s international exchange group is located in library.

So the promoter picked me up at station and there we went.

In the first part of presentation I presented the good thing about Indonesia. I don’t know but no one seem to find it interesting enough, infact 1 of the participant left and didn’t come back again, probably because my english is bad huh :P. Yes of course they are some question here and there but overall the atmosphere is somekind awkward.

Well anyway at the second part of the presentation, I beginning to talk about some dark side of Indonesia like it’s corruption and crime rate, and suddenly the participant kicked in with a lot of question and the atmosphere became lively. Not like the first half where I almost think I was talking to the wall.

People say that if you talk the bad after the good then the one that remembered is the bad only. That’s probably true and I feel sorry for it but at least I ended my presentation with good and lively atmosphere =D.

3rd october 2009

went to see optician today but when I arrived it’s crowded and the receptionist told me to came back in afternoon shift which is another 2 hour. so I went back home . There go my 500 yen for nothing (the train’s fee)

2 hour later I went there again. Actually I want to consult the optician about getting the new glasses but the optician said I don’t need one.

4th October 2009

Again in library, this time not the presentation about indonesia but instead it’s about teaching basic indonesian language. I was told that the participant has almost zero knowledge about indonesian language so I just prepared some basic stuff like greetings and how to pronounce indonesian alphabet.

But to my surprise is like 40% of the participant actually possesed a good indonesian basic already so it’s kinda hard for me to divide which to topic to cover because I don’t want the participant that has zero knowledge feel alienated. well I will cover the class for 3 times. so 2 more next