Too lazy and too busy with other things so I didn’t have enough time to pay attention to this blog.

well, here’s a recap of what I’ve done for this several weeks. There were actually too may things happened but I won’t write it all.

Continuing from the last post’s time event

27th oct :

My brazilian friend suddenly said he’s going back to brazil for a while so we ate dinner at sushi restaurant (the one with spinning table). The restaurant’s called sushiro and it’s quite good especially I like the “ebi mayo” and “ebi salmon” which is their specialty.

nearby the restaurant I saw Uniqlo which is a cloth chain store. I’ve been searching for Uniqlo in okazaki for some time and now I found it by accident. Uniqlo is famous because the price is quite cheap (for japanese standard) and the quality is surprisingly good too.

31th oct :

Another brazilian friend  invited me to a halloween party. He said if we go with some costume then we could go in for free. So we went to nearby Aeon department store, I got my self a cute halloween hat.

But when we tried to get in to the party, alas we need to pay 4000 yen. I already doubted that we could go in by free because I already checked the internet and it didn’t say anything about getting in for free.

1th Nov:

Another halloween event. This time I became a guest speaker (english speaker) in some local event held by 2 children english teacher. It’s been quite some time to play around with a lot of children.

We supposed to do some trick or treat after playing games etc. But the rain was falling down. So the teachers called the parents to take the candies to the event place and I distribute it to them. Me and the teachers also use the umbrella to guard the children from rain when we’re walking them down to nearest station so they could get picked up by the parents.

3rd Nov:

Invited to some local event so there I went. Not exactly like what I was expected but at least I got some useful information especially about cancer.

After that since I have some time I decided to went to Uniqlo that I discovered last week. Planned to buy 1 outer jacket for winter, instead I bought 2 of them. 1 is the winter jacket and 1 is synthethic leather jacket.

4th Nov :

Guest from my home country Indonesia came to office for training. There were 2 of them and it’s nice to finally speak some Indonesian language in the office.

8th Nov :

Went to sight seeing with the 2 guests and some supervisor. I also got the chance to visit the GM(general manager), well he’s one of 2 supervisor at that day. I visited his place and he let me play his 380.000 yen guitar.

The string action of that guitar is super low so on that day I decided I need to make my guitar set like that.

We ended the day by eating in Japanese restaurant. I will never have intention to go to japanese restaurant by myself especially at night because of their price. so I had a nice dinner.

14th Nov:

Already tried to lower my string action to 1.5 mm but I could only get it to as low as 2.0 mm so I took it Nagoya where I bought the guitar. Luckily I checked the internet for the place because they moved to another place.

They gave a warranty for 1 year for the setup things etc so I get my guitar set up for free. The guitar itself cannot be set lower without some little overhaul and the luthier asked if I’m sure want to do this because he’s gonna separate the neck from the guitar and put some wood beneath it so the angle will change. I said yes and he got it set up to 1.0 mm ^_^.

At the night I went to my Indonesian friend’s place and spent 1 nite to play his ps3. It’s been a long time since I play console game ^_^.

15th Nov:

Giving private indonesian lesson to one of my student

19th Nov:

Tried to meet someone that interested to learning indonesian from me, the meeting place is radio station but I didnt know that I will meet him right inside when he’s on air, and well, I was put on air too. this is my first time to be an air live in radio station.

after that we went to get some dinner. at that time I discoverd that he’s practicing “mushinkoryuu” which is some type of martial arts based on ninja.

22th Nov:

another private lesson session

after that another meeting was supposed to be held but4 out of 5 students didn’t came so it was cancelled.

at night I went with my brazilian friend to watch 2012 at theatre

24th Nov:

just got shocking info that there will be no guitar amp on my performance day so I need to convert to acoustic guitar or get my self a guitar amp that supports big hall room

28th Nov:

private indonesian lesson with the ninja student, at that time I told about amp and he told me he could lent me one because he didn’t use it. So I borrowed it from him. It’s small and not in a very good condition but still could produce sounds. So I’m thinking to use this on my guitar performance day.

ow and the students meeting that should be held on 22th were shifted to this day

1st Dec:

I accidentally crash my guitar on to the floor at last nite so today I’m going to guitar shop to get it fixed. since its too far to go to nagoya. i went to the nearest branch which is in kariya. luckily I could find it in time before it closed. I need to pay for the spare parts that I broke but other than that it’s free.

5th Dec:

went with my ninja student to learn some ninja technique from him. so the agreement is if I teach him indonesian, he will teach me some ninjutsu :D.

after that I  went to get my ticket to go back home to indonesia.