10th July 2010, Saturday.

Last week I went to ENT to check up on my blocked nose (sinusitis syndrome) and he said I should make a visit to famous ENT specialist at nagoya to take laser treatment.

So Today I went to the place. I phoned the place before and the receptionist is kinda rude so the first impresion isn’t that good but I’ve researched about the place and the docter on the internet and the reviews are quite good.

And indeed the docter is quite nice person (quite old too) so  I signed up for laser treatment for the next week after taking allergy checks today.

End of ENT next is I went to OSU to visit my favorite guitar shop and toys/hobby shop. 2 items really took my interest at the toys shop which is :

  • Dante figure from Devil May Cry 4
  • Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

While solid snake has already sold out. They still have 1 Dante left. I hope they still have it if I decided to buy it next week.

After toys and guitar windows shopping, met with some friends and went to eat at korean food. On the way there was some political campaign and we met Yukio Hatoyama (ex prime minister of Japan). And I had shaken hand with him in person. Wow can you believe that ? I literally shook hand with ex japan no 1. ^^

Anyway after we ate quite delicious food at korean restaurant. We went to have a chit chat at one of the member’s place. And I spent a night over there.

11th July 2010,  Sunday.

Had a morning breakfast at MacDonalds with friends and joining him in his church session. Not that I’m christian because I’m a free thinker and free minded kind of person but nevertheless it’s good to be in group of faithful people. eventhough I don’t or at least not yet share the same faith 😛

Went to another hobby shops again just to realize that 2 items that attracted me yesterday is already sold out almost everywhere.

Back to okazaki (my home) by train and went to see Musical concert at okazaki (met a lot acquaintance there) and finish this day by going dinner with brazilian friends at sushi restaurant.

Considering I ate 3 times outside today, combine that with train expense and eating outside too at yesterday and ENT’s fee of allergy check and laser treatment fee. I spend quite a lot in this 2 days.