I just got back in Japan after spending my summer holiday in my home country Jakarta, Indonesia. This is my second Jakarta’s vacation after I set foot here in Japan from 2007.

After living in Japan which is a developed country for more than 3 years, when I got back to Jakarta, I felt something strange. I didn’t realized up until recently what did I miss. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, but it’s not a good place to live, life is hard there. Indonesia is still a third world country although it develops quite good recently.

While I was living in Jakarta for my first 23 years, I felt burning spirit to go further and further to achieve my goals. I lost that burning spirit since I’m in Japan, recently I realized that coming from third world country and suddenly working here in Japan and making money 4-6 times more than my peer  has made me lost that feeling of struggle.

At my second vacation in Jakarta recently I met some friends and saw that burning spirits in their eyes. They all want to achieve better life, better condition than current one and it can be seen within their eyes.

I remember when I saw the movie “Rocky” by sylvester stallone. I forgot which one, it’s either the 2nd or 3rd one. When Rocky’s getting famous he lost his fighting spirit and his trainer took him to the local gym to meet with youngster that train over there. The trainer said something like this “Look at their eyes, that’s the Tiger Eyes, eyes full of fighting spirit because they want to become famous. That’s the eyes I saw within you few years ago,but not anymore”. Rocky at that time already famous so he loses those eyes.

Now I felt what it’s like. After achieving my goals, I started to be in comfort zone and stopped thinking of my next goals. Although I make more money than my peer in Indonesia (excluding 1 or 2 persons that surpassed me although they work in Indonesia), I feel ashamed because I lost that fighting spirit, that tiger eyes, that feeling of  struggle to get out of current condition to make it better.

Today I came but a nice quotes from MichaelAngelo :

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.

It’s time for me to set my next goals, I’ve been living too comfort these 3 years. I reached my goals few years ago and havent updated new goals.  I hope everyone that read this entry would not forget to always set your goals high and try to reach it. That’s the beauty of life, struggling to reach your goals and feel the good feeling when you finally reached it.

Closing Mark:

Some of the reader might thought that I don’t like my own country since I left it for work in Japan. Quite the opposite, I found myself liking Indonesia better while I’m in Japan. Recently I read a good book by Aretha Aprilia and found a good quote “Patrioticism doesn’t mean you need to stay at your country, in fact you could contribute to your country whereever you are”.

I did my share contribution by introducing Indonesian cultures in several international events and teaching indonesian language to several Japanese.