Okay so I finally got my new  laptop. Quite early if I might say because the invoice said it will be delivered on 5th August but instead it was delivered on 28th September.

Here is the main Spec of my new Dell Studio 1558

  • CPU Intel I7-740
  • Memory 4 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card ATI 5470 1 GB
  • LCD 15.6 inch Full HD
  • HDD Sata 500GB 5400 RPM
  • OS Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium

Price paid : almost 90.000 yen

Optional Package :

  • Advanced Warranty 3 years

Total price paid : 101.000 yen

I got special company discount and special online store discount when I bought this so it was cheaper than buying it at computer retail stores.

Since this is my first windows 7 experience, and also my first 64 bit OS experience, I had a lot of things to catch up. For example, I found my favorite uinstaller utility didn’t work well in windows 7 64 bit and my audio editor software also has some bugs in 64 bit. But most of the stuff ran good.

The 500 GB HDD came with only 1 partition so I made it into 2 partitions (OS and Data) with almost the same size each. I used windows 7 internal tools to the partition itself and it was pretty easy to do (Kudos to microsoft for this one).

I also made several recovery disks (including USB key), both by Dell utilities and also windows 7 utilities. Since I don’t like OEM bloatware, after I use Dell Utilities that I need (in this case, the local backup utilities) I disabled almost all Dell Service on my laptop.

The Windows Experience Index scored 5.0 in the first test (with all factory default setting and without optimization applied). With Aero in the lowest sub score. Yes indeed I found Aero effects kinda make my new laptop a little bit sluggish, but after I do some optimization here and there, especially services.msc and msconfig file, I saw some improvement.

I also tested the machine with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which is one of the reason I want to buy this mainstream gaming laptop. The auto graphic detect from the game set all the texture level at highest point which is very good since I don’t really expect my machine could handle the extra (very high) setting. But the Anti Aliasing is only at 2X and full frame synchronization is off (which is very reasonable and infact quite good considering it’s only a mainstream laptop). Considering the machine couldn’t handle Aero in full performance, I’m quite surprised and impressed that it ran Cod MW2 quite fine.

The only problem I have is there is some fan screeching sound randomly at the left part of the touch pad which I believe is where the HDD located. Kinda worried about it at first but since it’s not click of death (I have experience of click of death so I knew what it sound and I also have experience of recovering click of death HDD) so it was probably by bad design. I searched the internet and several people complain almost the same problems. It looks like the fan and heat sink design at the left part of the touchpad is not really well considered. But this is also my first SATA HDD personal laptop. So it might be normal for it to make sound like that, up until know I only familiar with IDE based HDD sound.


It turned out that the problem is with my electric plug. Probably because I’m using the extension plugging device and the voltages didn’t went through well. After changing the configuration of my external power outlet. The strange sound disappeared. So basically the machine is beautiful and powerful without problems.

Ok so there was my first impression of having my new laptop for this 3 days. I hope you enjoy it.