March 11th, 2011.

Today I have an interview session via Skype from Japan with the prospect employer in another country. At morning around 10.00 Am I got phone call that he wanted to change the schedule from 13.00 Pm to 16.00 Pm. Which is good for me because I have more time to prepare myself.

At around 15.00 Pm while I’m preparing for the interview session (wearing suits, necktie etc) the quake came in. It is not my first earthquake experience but it is definitely one of the biggest I’ve ever encounter. I tried to check to Japan’s earthquake site but the site itself was down. So I checked the American website and found that the epicenter of 7.9 earthquake is 700km apart from my place. Later on it got updated to 8.9.

The interview went on at 16.00Pm smoothly without the quake.

After the interview I went to BBC news website and see a shocking image of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. It is really scary, just like watching armageddon sci-fi movie.

My actual plan is to go to tokyo yesterday at March 10th, but because the ticket has been sold out, I changed it to March 11th. And guess what, at March 11t, the earthquake hit and my destination place is also got hit by it. I couldn’t imagine if I DO go to tokyo at March 10th. I guess I’ve been blessed by unknown force.