Recently I met with a lot of great people with good knowledge. Most of them are like twice or 1.5 times of my age. And I found some interesting point when they talked to me.

I don’t need to argue that my knowledge is still notthing compared to them but I realized there are tendency that when you know something very well and started to talked about it to other people, subsconciously you may think that person that you talked too have the same level of knowledge with you. Which is not always a good think.

Especially when the topic reach some religious thought, well of course it’s okay for someone to know their religion very well and could tell anything inside out of their religion, but hoping someone other to make the same level of faith just because you’re knowledgeable about some religion is not something that I fond of.

Okay reigious topic did have tendency to became like that. But even in another topic sometimes thinks like this happened too.

For example:

Someone gave you media file because they think it’s really good and helped them, so you put one quick glance and decided to read more when you have time and enough interest. In the next day, that someone asked you how is the book etc and you couldn’t tell because you only have a glimpse impression which is very normal and he got mad. This is in my thought what is to be called the curse of knowledge and faith.


What I want to tell basically is that just because you have some knowledge and faith, you couldn’t just expect every other person you talked to could have that same knowledge and faith too. Even you tried to give books, cd, etc but it’s not in your rights to make someone other to read or watch everything as you hoped for.