My first post since I came home to Indonesia several months ago. So many think want to share, so little time and busy schedule.

Anyway regarding to job hunting, here are some my chronological breakdown

  • January 2010, Decided to start look for another job
  • January – July 2010, go to several interview, but very limited since I dont have N1 certification
  • July 2010, Taking N1 Japanese certificate exam to increase my probability to get hired (I did pass)
  • July  2010 – January 2011, After getting N1, lots of job offer came and when to a lot of interviews
  • January 2011, Managed to get to the final interview of the company that I really wanted to join
    However with the reason that suddenly they changed the job requirement to at least Master degree holder
    I didn’t get the job
  • February 2011, Quit my job in Japan, Head section and Chief of HR tried hard to make me stay there by
    promising promotion, better income etc. But it’s too late I already made up my mind
  • March 2011, Came back to Indonesia (not because of the earthquake, I already resign at February)
  • March 2011 – April 2011, just within 1 month time span I had 4 interviews in Jakarta and 11 interviews in Singapore
    (Yes I did went to Singapore too) and passed most of the interviews

After summarizing all the company that wanted to hire me, I made top 3 list (all of them are Japanese company)

  1. General Trader (Import Export) in Jakarta
  2. Bank in Singapore
  3. Telecom Company in Jakarta

After having hard time and some dilemma to choose, I decided to join 1 of them and start working since end of April 2011.
Currently when I’m writing this, I haven’t become their permanent worker yet. But so far so good, I’ve met a lot of
great people since I joined.