Name : Deddy Effendy
Internet Nickname : Deddy One
Internet Short Nickname : D#E

Indonesian born man.
A typical 3rd generation of  Chinese Indonesian (born in Indonesia but having a chinese ancestor).

Current main work activity is Researcher / Business Consultant and Professional Japanese – English – Indonesian Interpreter. Depending on some request, sometimes I also become IT Consultant and also acting as Sales Representative for Japanese Company in Indonesia.

Experienced working in Japan in IT related field for 4 years.

Graduates from Bina Nusantara University as the Best Graduate in 2006 majoring in Computer Science (scoring GPA 3.93 out of 4.00).

Beside Indonesian language which is his mother tongue, he also speaks intermediate – advanced english and japanese and a also little bit of chinese.

Have a wide arrays of hobbies and interests which include Programming(Contest and stuff) , Guitar (electric and acoustic), Tokusatsu (Japanese changing form heroes) , Plamodel (robot plastic model made in japan), Games and several other stuff.